Dental Implants
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Dental Implants
All on 4 and All on 6
All on 4 and All on 6
If you have a complete denture and you are willing to have a fixed denture on implants, the all on 4 and all on 6 is the right technique for you.

This technique was established for patients who have severe bone loss and they can't do implants in the posterior area of the maxillas, therefore the implantologist will do:

  • 6 implants for the upper jaw in the anterior area of the maxilla.
  • 4 implants in the lower jaw in the anterior area of the mandibule.
  • Then after after few weeks to few months depending on the cases, the final impressions for complete dentures screwed on the implants and by consequence we will have an all on 6 for the upper jaw and all on 4 for the lower jaw.

    However these techniques could be very helpful to many patients, we don't recommend these techniques unless they are the only one, which could be done.

    Safety is our main concern Patient's satisfaction is our main achievement.
    I finally like my teeth, fit my smile and personality and that gives me so much confidence in everything I do.
    Love the technology! This is the way a dental office or even doctor's offices should be up to date. Thank you Ferrari Dental Clinic.