Dental Implants
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Dental Implants
Crown on implant
Crown on implant
If you have or had a dental implant and you still didn't do the second prosthetic phase, this section is the one that explains the different type of crowns and bridges on implants.

There are many types of materials for crowns and bridges on implants:

  • Metallo-ceramic crown or PFM: which is porcelain fused metal crown.
  • Oro-ceramic crown: which is Gold ceramic alloy.
  • Zirconium crowns or metal free ceramic crowns.

  • The indications are very relative, with minor advantages for the Oro-ceramic crowns and bridges cause of the high biocompatibility of the gold regarding the gum and the bone comparing to other materials and with a slight advantage for the zirconium crowns and bridges on implants regarding the aesthetic aspect provided by the metal free restorations.

    At Dr.Habib Zarifeh Clinic we provide you with the utmost dental care with the help of our Cad Cam robotic dentistry the MCXL cerec inlab and inoffice by Sirona, which allow us to take a digital impression for the implants and do an assisted computerized design followed by assisted computerized machinery.

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