Dental Implants
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Dental Implants
Multiple teeth
Dental implants for multiple teeth replacement
If you are missing several teeth in the anterior or posterior area, dental implants Lebanon is the right thing to do.

Several options are eligible for the use of fixed ceramic porcelain bridges on implants, the implantologist in cooperation with the prosthodentist can always choose to rehabilitate each missing tooth with an implant or multiple teeth with less implants. For example if the patient is missing 4 teeth adjacent to each others, the oral surgeon can do 3 implants or sometimes 2 implants with a bridge of 4 elements on the 2 implants. (usually this is done when the patient cannot afford the cost of the dental procedures or if a certain medical condition contraindication).

For multiple teeth replacement there are several procedures:

1. Immediate loading or one session dental implants:

Means the implants and the abutments and the final bridge are done in the same surgery, however this technique is done only in perfect condition regarding the bone qualit, it's is only recommended for the lower jaw multiple teeth replacement.
Due to our Laser assisted dental implants surgery and our robotic Cad Cam (Computerized assisted dentistry computerized assisted machinery), now we can do the dental implants with a flapless surgery means without incision or flap or sutures and fix the abutment at 35 newton and do the Cad Cam zirconium bridge by sirona Mcxl Inlab in the same session.

2. Immediate temporization:

Means the implants and the abutments and a fixed temporary resin aesthetic bridge are done in the same session of the surgery, this technique enable us to control the healing phases of the gum around the implants specially in the aesthetic zone.
This immediate temporization technique could be done for both upper and lower jaw, and the temporary tooth could be done by Cad Cam or by conventional lab technician techniques.

3. Delayed loading:

Or also called conventional loading, where the implants and the healing screw or the cover screw are done in the first session and then the bridge is done after few weeks to few months depending on the cases in several consecutive sessions.

I finally like my teeth, fit my smile and personality and that gives me so much confidence in everything I do.
Love the technology! This is the way a dental office or even doctor's offices should be up to date. Thank you Ferrari Dental Clinic.
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